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Flameworking Level 1 Beginner/3 hour workshops


Level 1 Beginner Classes will  cover: 

This is a fun, introductory workshop for anyone that has always wanted to see how it feels to melt glass  and have a little  fun while doing it!  I will introduce you to initial safety procedures and beginning techniques needed to create a small item. You will have about 90 minutes on the national torch to be creative, have fun and make your own small sculpture to take home!

Limit  2 persons at a time

$95.00  per person

3 hour session

All materials included

Snacks, drinks, and music included for a fun session!

Flameworking Level 2 Beginning Torch Techniques


Level 2 Classes will  cover:

  • Differences in hard glass (COE 33) vs. soft glass (COE 90) ,torches and equipment
  • Basic beginning hand positions and techniques with glass rods
  • Introducing color
  • Fusing and heat applications
  • Pulling techniques and practice
  • How to make small sculptures in clear glass

                                                                                 $240 - 6 hour session/ 1 day

or  $250 - 7  hour session over 2 days

Private instruction and hands on traning 

All  materials included 

Call  to schedule

Flameworking Level 3 Intermediate Workshops

Flameworking classes and workshops level 3

Level 3 Classes will cover:

  • Applying tecniques learned in beginning torch technique classes
  • Adding pulling and fusing techniques
  • Different tips for torches to make jewelry
  • Introducing frit
  • Where to buy glass and Primaterials
  • How to make more complex sculptures
  • Safety procedures and equipment needed to build your private studio or workspace

                                                                           Private instruction and hands on training

$800 - 18 hours 

(6 week course)

Flexibile class schedule available

 All materials included

Flameworking Level 4 Advanced Sculptural Techniques

Palm tree earrings

 Level 4 Classes will  cover:

  • More advanced techniques in fusing and hand positions/angles
  •  Building larger, more complex sculpture
  • Endurance behind flame
  • Color layering with color rod and frit colors
  • Working on 4 stud, Phantom torch,  and adding foot pedal 
  • Applying detail to  larger work
  • Designing your own work 
  • Testing on procedures and techniques learned.

$2200 - 45 hours

12 -14 week session

Flexible class scheduling

Private, one on one training

Call to discuss

Flameworking Level 5 Continuing Education: Intro to building your own brand, art, and style


Level 5 Continuing Education classes and workshops will cover: 

  • Using both torches to  complete complex  flameworked 

torch designs

  • Sculptural human and body figurines 
  • Making your own sculptures and jewelry
  • How to create your personal brand in glass art
  • Marketing, email campaigns, facebook, website, and connecting all to your brand
  • Networking 
  • Calculating cost and expense as a flamework artist and how to be profitable in the business

Session fees to be discussed when scheduling

Apprenticeships, Ongoing Workshops, and Career Opportunities



The skills and techniques taught during a 3- 6 month workshop will be skills that will teach you many valuable life lessons. Once learned, with practice, you will be able to develop your creativity, thought process, organizational skills, and hand/eye coordination.  Learning is a long, slow process, and it takes many years to master.


​Applications and cost of apprenticeship are available upon request.  An interview process is required and careful considerations are made in accepting new applicants.

Additional Workshop Information

Whether you are looking to learn flameworked glass as a hobby, or if you wish to make it a full time career,  the benefits derived from the workshops and lessons learned about focus, process, and creativity will last a lifetime! Being able to make a living with your hands and learning how to tap into your creative energy can help you in all aspects of life and makes this a worthy investment in yourself! 

Read about the 9 Benefits of Art Therapy: 

Recently I have just settled into a new, private workspace, but I am hoping and looking forward to be able to offer classes in a public venue in downtown St. Petersburg so that I can start scheduling workshops in the Spring/Summer of 2020.  I appreciate your patience with this process.  I have been getting a lot of interest and thank you to those who have already put their name on the list and reached out to me. Just email or call and I will add you to the head of the waiting list.

Also, let me know HOW you found out about my artwork/classes.........whether you met me at a show, viewed my work at one of the gift stores,  met me through a networking event, or by word of mouth. Thank you!


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