Testimonials from customers


I purchased one of Melanie's sculptures about 5 years ago and considered it a treasure. A dear friend was visiting and accidentally knocked the piece off my table and it broke; I was devastated. I contacted Melanie who offered to repair the piece. Her response was respectful and professional and I was more than pleased with the entire experience. I have recommended her work and will continue to purchase items. She's an amazing woman and artist and I respect her and her work.  - S. Villaverde, Oct. 2019

 "Last Christmas, I received a lovely pair of earrings as a gift.  Unfortuantely, one of them was damaged in the mail. Although Melanie had absolutely no part in causing my problem, she went beyond any expectation I had to help me solve it.  her personal response and generous solution was amazing. When I combine that with the quality of her work, I know where I'll be Christmas shopping next year! "- Jan Felt.  - April, 2016 

  ​"I purchased one of Melanie Cech's Nautilus pieces while visiting the Dali Museum. It called to me and I've been amazed at her work. I've since purchased a seahorse, pelican, glass rose (for my wife on Valentine's Day), and I'm waiting for the flamingo piece to be sent.  These items are exquisite. I have a 70 piece glass art collection. Due to Ms. Cech's work, my collection has separated into a glass garden and an ocean creature collection. I expect to buy many more in the future."  -- Leland M. Heller, M.D.

 "I met Melanie at Zen Glass in St. Petersburg, Florida. There I bought four different pieces. Two as gifts and two for my personal use. I wish I could have bought more. She is a gifted, creative, and talented artists who is wise enough not to price herself out of the marketplace.  hope she comes this way again soon."  - Velva Lee Heraty, April, 2016 

 I am still impressed by the magic that Melanie works when hand crafting glass!  She is truly a wizard!  For my mother's birthday, she created a beautiful glass blown Monarch butterfly and placed it on this piece of sea rock.  My mother was truly happy and it was her favorite gift of the evening.  Thank you Melanie, for creating such beautiful artworks that clearly show detail, joy and love in each piece! - Dr. East, Oct. 2019

Melanie, thank you so much for my beautiful sculptures that arrived safely. Three new, one -of -a -kind pieces to add to my collection! I am addicted and can't wait to add my next piece of artwork.....I will definately be sharing your work with friends and family. All of your work is amazing and wish you the best as your business expands. - 

C. King,  Oct. 2019 

 "Melanie Cech is a very talented artist.  The first time I saw her work was in a shop in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  Her glass pieces are so beautiful and I have never seen anything quite like them.  In total I have collected six pieces from that same shop, Antonia's Boutique.  I was glad to see Melanie on Facebook, and contacted her to make a custom piece for me.  She did a awesome job on it.  There is something magical about her pieces.  When I look at them, I see the ocean and all the amazing little creatures that live there.  She brings them to life!  Thank you, Melanie for my beautiful custom piece.  I will cherish it for years to come." - K. Styx, Oct, 2019

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